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Sat 03-Feb: Aawks (Barrie, ON)
Sat 03-Feb: Powerhouse Zeus (Windsor, ON)


Sun 19-Nov: Addison Johnson (Lost in Japan)
Sun 19-Nov: Bobby Sproat
Sun 19-Nov: James Blonde

Fri 10-Nov: Born Ruffians

Tue 17-Oct: David Tosh

Sat 14-Oct: Cat Clyde

Fri 06-Oct: Dawson Gamble

Sun 01-Oct: Sophia Poraa

Sat 23-Sep: Artificial Dissemination
Sat 23-Sep: Reckless Upstarts

Fri 22-Sep: Highteens
Fri 22-Sep: Dead Broke
Fri 22-Sep: Huron Lines

Sat 16-Sep: Transways
Sat 16-Sep: American Airport Sushi
Sat 16-Sep: Hartlet

Sun 10-Sep: My Dear Friends
Sun 10-Sep: Kicksie
Sun 10-Sep: Taylor Simpson and the Wishful Feeling
Sun 10-Sep: Cons of Jupiter

Sat 09-Sep: Tipsy Two
Sat 09-Sep: Willowbrook
Sat 09-Sep: Tea Leaves

Sat 26-Aug: Second Story Window
Sat 26-Aug: Save The Night

Fri 25-Aug: The Sugar

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