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Wed 01-May: Meteor Uniplex Presents:
    Star Wars Episode 1 (1999)

Doors @ 6pm

Fri 03-May: Battle of the Babes 4
    Babes In Space

Sat 04-May: I See Aura
wsg Sewn
    Logan's Way

Sun 05-May: Lua's Open Drag Stage

Tue 07-May: Spinning Stories
    Documentary Screening

Wed 08-May: Meteor Uniplex Presents:
    Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Thu 09-May: Danny Jolles Comedy Night
wsg Tim Reaburn

Fri 10-May: Road Waves
wsg Posh Toboggan
    The Universe Ft. Ray

Sat 11-May: Thunderclap!
wsg Willowbrook
    Bent Neck and the Joints

Sun 12-May: Johnny Dynamite
wsg The Johnstonsons

Thu 16-May: Open Mic Chronicles
    Launch Party

Fri 17-May: Bobby Sproat
wsg Vaega
    Addison Johnson

Sat 18-May: Flamespitter
wsg Omnivert
    Among The Rest

Sun 19-May: Orchestraction!

Wed 22-May: Azaab (Pakistan)
wsg Kavara
    Sentiment Dissolve

Fri 24-May: Slim Pickerel

Sat 25-May: Frogger Fest! Ft. Goodnight Sunrise
wsg Case the Joint
    Two Years Apart

Fri 31-May: Tunic
wsg Dog Parade

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